Microfloaties is a FREE* tool for Cinema 4D that lets you quickly add floating dust particles to your scene. It’s a rig fashioned from some of the mograph tools (cloners and effectors), some xpresso, and given specific user data to control the amount, size and speed of the dust particles, as well as the scale of the area they occupy in your scene file. Microfloaties requires Cinema 4D R12 Studio. You will need to have the mograph module and dynamics for Microfloaties to work properly. Special thanks to C4D-er Brett Morris for their feedback and assistance.

You can grab it here: MICROFLOATIES This zip file contains the Microfloaties C4D project file as well as a library file for use with your Content Browser in Cinema. If you wish to keep Microfloaties handy in your Content Browser, just drag the microfloaties.lib4d file into your Browser folder found within Maxon>Preferences>Library folders. Here is a tutorial to help get you started. Enjoy!

To all who have been asking about adding functionality to allow the change of materials and cloner objects… Yes, I do intend to look into adding these functions to a future version of Microfloaties. For now, it is what it is 🙂

3 thoughts on “Looking for MICROFLOATIES?

  • Thanks Jed

    Sorry–Its been years and I unfortunately nevr got around to that tutorial! Thanks again and good luck.


  • Hey Joel I just bought C4d studio and it works now so delete the previous comment , fantastic work thanks again. did you do part 2 of the bone structure tutorial? I’ve been keen on medical photography for many years so this suits me perfectly. All the best to you.

  • Hi Joel i am totally inspired by your work , and just trying out Microfloaties, on a demo version of Cinema 4D v15 studio, but the null controllers dont work, wondering is there an issue with the demo version i wonder? I followed your tutorial instructions.

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