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MadMicrobe Studios Inc Announces New European Venture

On the eve of its seventh birthday, MadMicrobe Studios Inc, is announcing the expansion of its operations into Europe

Founded by Joel Dubin, Mitch Wishart, and Mike McIntyre, the business has become one of the world’s leading medical animations studios. Renowned for its bold ‘Science Meets Cinema’ approach, it has enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years.

MadMicrobe has built up a strong presence in the UK and Europe. It all started with the hiring of Alan Smith, Creative Director UK, its first UK employee; Vincent Elsey, Commercial Director UK, joined several years later to help build the European business. This successful collaboration has led to a growth in clients and a compelling case for opening a UK-based subsidiary.

Says Alan Smith, Creative Director UK, ‘We have a strong ethos of combining scientific accuracy with stunning and immersive visuals. Our growing client list is proof that our cinematic approach works and we’re beyond excited about bringing our vision to even more of our European partners.’

Adds Joel Dubin, co-founder, ‘We are over the moon having finally seen our plans for Vincent Elsey and Alan Smith to officially take the reins of the UK branch of our studio this week! We are looking forward to watching Vince and Alan continue to grow their already established team of talented CG artists and Science experts on their side of the pond. MadMicrobe offers a unique and dynamic take on what Medical Animation and Science visuals can be and we are definitely excited to share our expertise with clients throughout Europe.’

MadMicrobe Studios Inc, delivers industry-leading medical animation, device animation, VR, and AR to the healthcare and broadcast industries.

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