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MadMicrobe Welcomes Medical Animator Jeni Zernick

Our team gives a warm welcome to talented Medical Animator Jeni Zernick!
Originally from near Madison, Wisconsin, Jeni developed a passion for the integration of science and art as an undergraduate student in the Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration Program at Iowa State University.

Before earning a Masters of Science in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago in, she spent a year creating animations and illustrations of the Space Launch System at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

As a graduate student, Jeni was drawn toward the challenge of creating clear, accurate, and captivating medical animations and 3D visualizations. She is thrilled to be joining the MadMicrobe team and is looking forward to creating unique visual solutions that inspire engagement with fascinating scientific topics. Outside of her professional life, Jeni enjoys mountainous adventures, international travel, photography, and sketching. Welcome Jeni!

Check out some of Jeni’s work below:

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