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MadMicrobe Welcomes Medical Animator Susie Yun

Susie was born in South Korea and raised in Canada where she developed a love for science and art. She received her B.Sc. in Medical Sciences and Biology from Western University, and M.A. in Medical and Biological Illustrations from Johns Hopkins University. During her time in graduate school, Susie instantly fell in love with medical animations and dedicated her last year to creating an engaging 3D animation for Parkinson’s disease patients. Her experience of working closely with various researchers has strengthened her interest in scientific research and visual communication.

As a new “Microbe”, Susie is excited to accelerate her growth as a medical animator. In her spare time, she loves watching Cinema 4D Tips & Tricks, experimenting with new tools, and painting portraits while singing her favorite songs.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Susie join our team and looking forward to see what kind of scientific wonders she will bring to life in times ahead at MadMicrobe.

Check out some examples of her stunning work below!

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