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We are pleased to announce the addition of talented California-based artist J.L. “Josh” Lockwood to the MadMicrobe team in the position of Art Director / Senior Concept Artist. Josh has collaborated with MadMicrobe as storyboard artist and zbrush asset modeler for several years and we now officially welcome him to the team in a fulltime expanded role.

Josh has been honing his skills in the biomedical animation industry for a decade now.  Originally working with traditional sci-fi, fantasy and horror themes as an early passion, Josh worked to blend these genres into the field of science visualization, seeking a perfect union of his geeky proclivities into a form that would educate and inspire viewers and clientele alike.

Josh’s transition into CG and look development over the years has allowed him to take his work into bold and exciting realms.  As new tech and tools rise up, the limitless creative possibilities on offer continue to drive his work into the future. 

Josh enjoys spare time doing archery, being with friends and family, painting and exploring the great outdoors for that much-needed vitamin D.  Josh also enjoys making people laugh, employing absurdist visual humor and dark comedy where applicable, but always with the goal of finding common ground with those around him. Be sure to check out some of his conceptual and modeling work below.

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