MadMicrobe is Hiring



We are a busy Life Science Animation Studio with clients in the Pharma, HealthCare Agency, Film and Broadcast Industries and are looking for an exceptional CG Artist/Animator/Generalist to bring on to our team. Medical Animation experience is preferred, however if you are a talented generalist who demonstrates advanced technical skills, and able to produce beautiful work with cinematic qualities, we would love to talk to you.

Candidates should have most or all of the following skills and experience:

3D skills:

–      3-5 years of professional experience in CG animation

–      Advanced knowledge of Cinema 4D R18

–      Able to handle all animation tasks from concept development through to final deliverable

–      Ability to build accurate models and environments based on references provided

–      Technical director abilities: ability to rig complex organic effects in an efficient and organized manner for assets shared with other team members

–      Skilled with particle simulations (X-Particles experience a plus)

–      Advanced lighting, texturing and photo real rendering knowledge and experience

–      Excellent animation skills, and feel for moving cameras and elements within an environment

2D Skills:

–      Strong design sensibility and plugged into the current trends and techniques of Motion Design

–      3-5 years of professional experience with Adobe After Effects (and Adobe CC suite)

–      Strong 2D animation and motion graphics skills. Able to handle motion graphics elements of a show ie: show opening sequences, data visualization, on screen text and labels, etc, in interesting and creative ways

–      Ability to composite and edit cg shots with multipass elements from c4d

Professional qualities:

–      Highly organized

–      Experience meeting tight deadlines and prioritizing jobs effectively

–      Able to work on multiple projects simultaneously

–      Great attention to detail

–      Confident with friendly, positive attitude and good interpersonal skills

–      Good listening skills, follows directions accurately

–      Responsible, proactive and trustworthy

–      Ability to lead when necessary

Icing on the cake (not neccassary but any of these are a big plus):


–      Medical Animation experience

–      Education and/or advanced knowledge in Cellular/Molecular biology and Anatomy, or an aptitude for learning such things

–      Experience in researching and producing accurate molecular models from reference and utilizing the Protein Data Bank.

–      Experience using 3rd party tools to transfer PDB models into C4d


–      Experience with 3rd party render engines such as Octane, Arnold,
or VRAYforC4D a plus.

–      Experience in liquid and gaseous fluid simulation (RealFlow, TurbulenceFD, Houdini, Krakatoa)

–      Dynamics simulation experience

–      Camera Tracking experience

–      Green screen compositing experience

–      UV unwrapping and editing

–      Z-Brush experience

–      Character rigging and animation skills

–      Knowledge and or experience in upcoming trends of VR technology: ie: Oculus Rift, Unity3D and/or Unreal Engine workflow.

–      Constantly seeking to improve skillsets and the quality of work, as well as keeping up to date with new tools and techniques.

Candidate can work remotely but should be able to communicate throughout the day using Skype.

Please send your show reel link and any relevant examples of your work along with resume/CV to

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