Building Brain Cells with NeuronBuild Scripts

Purkinge (00000)
Purkinje cell generated via the NeuronBuild scripts and rendered in Cinema 4D

Nick Woolridge, Professor and Director of Biomedical Communications at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto has recently updated his NeuronBuild python script for Cinema 4D, and has also just released a new script for ZBrush. The scripts allow the user to pull actual neuron morphology data  from the online repository and generate 3d models for use in either program.

Nick has generously provided these scripts for free on GitHub and they are not only useful for visualizing neuronatomy in medical illustration and animation, but are also extremely addictive and fun to work with. Thanks Nick!

The image above depicts a Purkinje cell, which is a type of neuron found in the cerebellar cortex of the brain. The morphology data was pulled from the NeuroMorpho site (see below).

Screenshot 2017-03-11 10.48.47

The data was imported as zSpheres into ZBrush via Nick’s zScript. At this stage the spheres can be edited, deleted (etc) based on your needs, and then can be baked into geometry via the Adaptive Skinning function in ZBrush. The model was then sent to Cinema 4D via the GoZ script for texturing, and rendering.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 10.47.45

You can check out Nick’s video walkthroughs for the C4d and ZBrush python scripts below.


MadMicrobe adds an ADDY to our awards shelf

Another exciting week! MadMicrobe won another award for their Life Science reel “WONDERS WITHIN” at the 2017 Digital ADDY Awards hosted by the Philly Ad Club.

We are proud and humbled, not to mention inspired to continue pushing our creative ideas further in the coming year and getting more of our work out there.


We were also delighted to learn that our friends at Pretty Damn Sweet also cleaned up with a handful of awards, including two Silver ADDYs for their Adobe Summit and Adobe MAX show openers, each of which we had the pleasure of contributing to. Great job guys!




MadMicrobe welcomes Alan Smith to the team!


3daf3f0MadMicrobe Studios has officially begun proliferation! 😉 

We are very excited to announce the addition of our new Associate Animation Director, Alan Smith! Alan is not only a seasoned medical animation generalist but will be overseeing our client expansion into the UK.

With over ten years experience as director of animation in both the life science and broadcast industries, as well as receiving Master’s Degrees in both the sciences and the arts, Alan brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and outstanding artistic talent with him.

Alan has a relentless passion for creating animations that tell a great story and enlighten an audience. An artist at heart as well as a technical problem solver well versed in current CG techniques, Alan is the perfect addition to our growing team and we are looking forward to making beautiful animated blobs together.