Fall 2015 catch-up!

The gaps between postings are getting longer and longer.

For those who might have come back to check on the blog now and then, I apologize for this! 2015 has been quite a whirlwind. After starting Mad Microbe Studios, I’ve found myself buried in work. Which is a GOOD thing, however, its also nice to have a moment to come up for air and just do some fun things here and there.

In the past 7 months we’ve gotten to work on several shots ranging from 4K to 8K for a Nat Geo full dome/planetarium  film that will be running at various science museums around the US, about 200 40 foot hologram animations for an event in Spain celebrating the launch of a new pharmaceutical company, a few science animations and some micro medical shots which will be used in an upcoming Sci Fi feature film. I hope to be able to share more about some of these projects here and on my company website Mad Microbe Studios.

Until then, here is a hodge-podge of  experiments I’ve posted on Vimeo over the past few months. Most involve my favorite Cinema 4D plugin: X-Particles….

X-particles worms. Just a test using particles emitted from the coiled tubes. Particles are traced using the xpTrail obect. And then I applied the xpSplineMesher to the trails to get the worm-like tendrils. Light/shadow settings and SSS could be better. Its a bit flickery!


Golden Crown. After downloading some great metal shaders from Donavan Keith at Cineversity, I tried my hand at molten gold. I also happened to catch up on Game of Thrones last spring  🙂 (prior to creating this). X-particles liquids.

Here are the shaders. You may need a Cineversity Subscription.



Another x-particles spline mesher test. xpSplineMenher is one of my favorite tools in XP3.


Very annoying cloned hand animation. Play it loud.


ARNOLD for C4D! Here is the first and last test I’ve had a chance to try using the great new Arnod for C4D render engine along with x-particles. Your usual fare of swirling particles. Really want to sink my teeth into Arnold some more.


A little XP landscape flyover with growing XP-trails that I had fun with.


And one last test using trails to wrap onto the surface of an asteroid.

Will post more as soon as possible.

Thanks for coming by!