An Exciting New Chapter: MadMicrobe and NAB

Well, its been over a year since my last post. 14 loooong months to be exact.

In that time, there have been challenges, both personal and professional to deal with, but some achievements I am very proud of as well. The good news is I am now looking forward to sharing more of my work and Cinema 4D tips here on a more regular basis.

So what have l been up to?

Goodbye 3FX
This past March, after a lot of thought, I decided to leave my position as Director of Animation at 3FX, where I worked for almost a decade. I’ve learned and experienced so much during my time spent there and what a great team of artists, animators, and management-type folks to have had the chance to work with. Jody, Rocky, Mitch, Gary, Kartik, Luke, Doug, Josy, Jessie, and Cory, I’m gonna miss you.

Now moving forward, here are some new developments:

Hello MadMicrobe Studios!
First, I’m excited to announce the launch of my studio: MadMicrobe

MadMicrobe Studios will focus on production of science-themed animation and motion graphics for broadcast.

Here is my 2015 reel:

MAXON at NAB 2015
I’m also quite honored to have been invited to be part of MAXON’s star-studded line up at NAB this year in Las Vegas. I’ll be presenting some Cinema 4D medical animation methods via live-stream on Tuesday April 14th. If you are going to be there be sure to come by and say hi. If not, then you should be able to watch it here on C4DLive.

The presentations are usually recorded as well and then posted on Cineversity and/or Vimeo as well later on.

Thanks for visiting –hope to be back soon.

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