Some recent work: Cellular environment and organelles.

Worked on a project recently in which part of the animation took place within the cytosol of a cell. I needed to build some organelles including the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi and mitochondria. Here are some images.

Look dev for the Nucleus and ER:


Then built some Mitochondria:


Made some tweaks,and then incorporated these together into the cellular environment:


And a final render with a bit of cytoskeleton around the edges of the image:


Thanks for looking!

-Joel Dubin

10 thoughts on “Some recent work: Cellular environment and organelles.

  • Yea the lighting in your shots (besides the obvious modeling and texturing of course) is what makes your renders insanely beautiful… some more indepdth insight into that would be cool, if you ever have the time to share your experience on the lighting of the scene.

  • I tend to always start with the generic 3 point lighting approach, warm key light, cool subdued flll light and a super bright rim light behind and usually above. Then I tweak madly for 12 hours straight, completely lose the look I was after, then return to the original iteration of the file that I realize in retrospect, worked all along. SSS and AO help a lot too. Thanks for the interest.

  • Ha ha! Your lighting always stands out too Joel – do you approach each shot fresh and build a setup from scratch, or do you start with a kit approach and modify from there – GSG kits and that sort of thing? Just curious.

  • Thanks so much guys for the kind words! @Jeremy I hear you. These shots represent the look and feel BEFORE the client gave feedback. 🙂

  • You must have good clients! I do lots of medical stuff, but this is WAY too creative for my producers. Fabulous looking renders.

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