Dead Heads

Joren Kandel at Pixel Lab posted a link to a free 3d scanned skull model from the company Ten 24. Messed around a bit and ended up with this:


The 3D file is available as an .obj or zbrush format. You can get it from The Pixel Lab here:

Free C4D Model: Detailed Skull

or go directly to Ten 24 Here:

4 thoughts on “Dead Heads

  • Ah! Another SSS hunt & pecker! 😉 I’m always curious to know how people handle that one, I never seem to get what I think I’m dialing.

  • Thanks! My approach? Click on things until they work 🙂 I disabled multi-diffuse mode and used only single scattering/separate color channels. Just fiddled with the lights and path length of the shader to get the look I wanted.

  • Gorgeous Joel! What’s your SSS approach for this shader? You’re getting a really nice result.

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