Mograph Monoliths

cubes and cubes (00000)

Playing with an old file and tried rendering it using the Physical Sky in C4D. Added some post work in After Effects, mainly Red Giant Looks, Optical Flares and a touch of grain. Would love to render this out as a short animation clip, but unfortunately I am getting very long render times. This render was 90 minutes. Perhaps I’ll try baking the AO, and possibly the GI.

I have recently purchased VRAy for C4D so I will next try rendering it with the VRAY engine and see what kind of times I get.
I know this is just an experiment, but thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Mograph Monoliths

  • Yea it’s definitely tricky, I’ve tried it with VRAY once or twice and honestly I felt stupid. Having a lousy machine = slow render times, doesn’t help either. If you have any input on using VRAY after this one, I think many of us would appreciate the info, if you can find the time to do a tutorial on it for C4D.

    Good luck Joel

  • Thanks Guys. Tried in VRAY and got a very similar look once I turned on reflections. Doing that however gives me long render times as well. Still have much to learn!

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