Fun with Proc3Durale

French Cinema 4D artist and developer Cesar Vonc has released a cool little python plugin which generates volumetric “swiss cheese” based on C4D’s noise shaders (as well as any 3d shader). Medical animators will especially find this plugin to be perfect for quick creation of trabecular bone matrix for your osteoporosis animation. But more than that, this plugin is just plain fun.

The plugin can be found here:
CODE.VONC Proc3Durale

For those whose knowledge of the French language hasn’t progressed beyond the ham and cheese croissant you ordered at Starbucks, the US strings can be found here in the Maxon forums on CGTalk
Just replace the french strings in the plugin folder with it.

Oh…and if you like it and plan on using it in production in the future, please be sure to donate via the paypal link on his page.

Some more experiments. Very un-sciency.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 10.23.24 PM