5 thoughts on “Lousy render

    • Thank you Shalom. Still struggling with the right settings. Becasue of the displacement, transparency/refraction/SSS and AO, Im getting astronomical render times in both the Physical Renderer and via GI. This shot is straight AR–nothing fancy. But I really want to make use of the Physical renderer in animation. Starting to think about buying VRAY. We’ll see.Thanks for your interest!

      • Good to hear of the specific details of your render. In moment of enthusiasm and optimism, I bought VRay4C4D, but haven’t put it much to use, as I’m still learning the basics of C4D. I didn’t realize how involved it would be to learn. If you’re interested in buying my license (in a totally legitimate way), let me know. I think you’re the kind of artist who could really put VRay to great use. [I still have a long way to go until I get there…]

  • hi,

    i´m working on some insects too. can you tell me which adjustments you have used for the material? sry for my bad english 😉


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