Cinema 4D R13 + SSS + Physical Renderer

Just got Cinema 4D R13 and thought I’d see if i could figure out some of the new rendering features, mainly the new sub-surface scattering system as well as the the physical renderer and camera. Struggling a bit, but challenges make this stuff more fun.

I was inspired by Maxon’s marketing image for R13 of the grapes by Marijn Raeven, which I’m sure many of you have already seen. Didn’t want to waste time modeling anything, so I did the next best (i.e. easiest) thing, and cloned a bunch of dynamic spheres and applied SSS. 13 minutes later I had this image.

Over the next few months I’ll see if I can reign in the times and quality to see if its feasible to use physical rendering in animation production, but in the meantime I think I will be sticking with R12.

Here is the first image I created. Its a model of a trichinomas (yucchy parasite). I chose it as I thought it would be a good object to test the SSS due to its general blobbyness. Its a starting point. Still a ways to go…

4 thoughts on “Cinema 4D R13 + SSS + Physical Renderer

  • Glad to see a post so soon. Amazing renders… And just the topic I’ve been wanting hear more about.

    In the process of learning R13 myself. Hope to see how you progress as the newer features in R13 become more familiar.

    As far as efficiency goes, I’m right there with you. It seems at times that it’s all work and no play but we all know the best part of it all is feeling like a kid in a candy store over and over again…

    Keep us posted.


  • Also, making colored spheres look good has never been hard to do. Just look around 🙂

    Lighting a kitchen or a product on a cyc is one thing.
    Its applying this type of rendering to complex environments with numerous object types, materials and lighting setups thats much more of a challenge.

  • Hi Shalom and thanks

    I’m mainly an animator, so I need to always make sure I can get my work done efficiently. At the moment, the render times are higher than I am comfortable with when using the physical renderer. I am also going through that awkward stage where I’m not able to quickly fly along when setting up my scenes. I need more practice. Its just production efficiency issues really. I’m sure in time I will switch.

  • The new Physical Renders look great. The SSS on the trichinomas is awesome, and the DOF looks great too, which you didn’t mention. Out of curiosity, why will you be sticking with R12? I’m loving all the enhancements of R13 – most of which I’m still learning – and am not planning on going back to R12, personally.

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