Procedural Modeling in Cinema 4D: McGuyver Style! Sneak Peak…

UPDATE: January 9, 2014
Its been 2 and a half years since I wrote this blog post, with the best intentions of recording a video tutorial to explain how to build the procedurally tiled cellular surface shown below. Well, as with many ideas I’ve had for this blog, life and work kind of got in the way of all that, and I just never got around to it. As consolation I thought I’d at least share the file with the c4d community, so other artists could pick the file apart and hopeful learn something new…maybe pickup a workflow that could benefit someone on a project.

It just came to my attention today that another cinema 4d artist has used the file, pretty much as is with a few very minor modifications, and has passed it off as his own for a medical animation project that he is crowd funding on Indiegogo. This is a no-no. I can’t believe I have to actually say this, but any scene files I have shared here, unless stated otherwise, are not to be used for commercial purposes, but for educational use only (Microfloaties is Ok to use for whatever you want). You are not going to get very far in this business if you can’t actually create the work you display on your website yourself. A very short-sighted business strategy.

Anyway..back to the blog:


Working on a tutorial that will show you how to create this tiled cell image below with nothing more than a rubber band and a paperclip. Actually, a sphere, plane, and a disk primitive. Plus a little help from some Cinema 4D generators…

Took it a little further….