Stuff I rendered while waiting for other things to render

Just a few test shots done in Cinema 4D. Thought they looked interesting.

The top one is procedurally animated using R12 dynamics (which I love). Unfortunately still wrestling with some GI issues so the animation hasn’t come out so great. When I get a chance I’ll try again. I really need to do it sooner than later as I’m itching to be the first Cinema 4D animator to render dynamic GI spheres.

The other 2 look pretty but I will have to figure out how to animate them in such a way that the renders would finish within this century.

6 thoughts on “Stuff I rendered while waiting for other things to render

  • Hello, the title made me laugh šŸ™‚

    I found your microfloaties rig for c4d and decided to check what else you put on your blog. I’m amazed by your work. Thank you for sharing all that great stuff and wish you all the best. I’ll be checking on regular basis what’s up šŸ™‚ Have a great day.

  • Oh man, thx for the answer.

    It’s nearly everything on that page!

    for example these two of this recent post.
    How does that crumbly texture grow out of the perfect sphere? Is it done just in C4D or in post? And the second picture…how is that ( object build of?

    Everytime i’m running Cinema i want to build something pretty looking but most of that things i’m building are some simple things, like those you see on my blog.

  • Hi. Thanks for checking out the blog and glad you like what you see. Very busy at the moment, but if there is something specific you want me to explain, let me know and EVENTUALLY once I get some free time I’ll see what i can do. Thanks again!

  • I’ve found your blog a month ago and im clickin on it every day, looking for some new stuff. it would be nice, if you yould explain your work a little bit more. Just if you want. because i’m really excited to know how your cinema4d scenes are build up. šŸ™‚

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