Create a Microscopic Bone Environment in Cinema 4D: Part 1

In part 1 of this tutorial I will show you one technique for modeling “spongy bone matrix”, the cavernous mesh-like bone tissue found deep inside human bone.

Even if you aren’t a medical animator, or have no interest at all in science visualization, I think you may learn a few things about metaballs and the mograph module. The mograph tools in cinema 4D are not only great animation tools, but useful modeling aids as well.

Part 2 will cover texturing, lighting and rendering.

UPDATED version: November 21, 2010
• Trimmed some fat and boosted the audio.

20 thoughts on “Create a Microscopic Bone Environment in Cinema 4D: Part 1

  • Haha–sorry Simon. I guess I should just remove the “Part 1” in the title and reference to part 2. Guess I’ve been really busy the last few years and haven’t had the time to devote to tutorials. I’m not really good at doing them and they generally take a lot of time for me to work out. I’ve been posting wheneverI get a chance on what I’ve been up to, I just don’t know if I can swing more tutorials. Thanks. -Joel

  • shame it was never finished, I really wanted to see part 2! Over 2 years ago, I guess you lost interest?

  • Wow, amazing, i have taken a lot of courses of C4D, but havent seen anything so wonderful like your works. Learn a lot of things from this tut, thank you! ^^

  • That was about the best C4D tutorial I’ve ever seen. So many new things to play with and the results look amazing. I was actually grinning like an idiot at the final result! Please more!

  • Thanks Joel – it would be so cool if you could upload part 2 – plleeeaassseee 😀

    I only found your site today, but you are clearly very advanced at C4D, any more tuts would be great!

  • Thanks and sorry for the delay. It’s been months! I’m still planning on a followup tutorial (and a few others).

  • Hey Joel

    This was extemely interesting. I had never really understood the use of the iron tool, nor did I know about Metaballs and splines. You have opened a lot of new creative pathways for me.
    Thanks so much! Really looking forward to more

    PS : your speed and style of explanation is really good, not boring, not too fast, just right

    Keep up the great work


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