Cinema 4D Quick Tip #002: Simplify Dense Splines

Here’s my first recorded tutorial for Cinema 4D which covers a quick way to simplify very dense splines. Now and then the point count on an editable spline will get away from you, maybe due to having used a plugin to generate the path or from having subdivided it 8 times too many.

Here’s a method you can use to generate a lighter spline which utilizes the Mograph module. As I said, it’s my first, so be kind 🙂 Hopefully the info is clear and you will find it helpful.

(I’d recommend clicking the fullscreen toggle for better visual clarity)


You can also check out the Remotion plugin DiTools which includes a spline simplifier tool (among MANY other useful tools!)

DiTools Link. Click here for info on the plugin

The plugin OneSpline by Kuroyume generates a single spline based on all of its spline children.
I used this plugin to initially create the paths used in the tutorial.

OneSpline Link. Click here for info on the plugin