Cinema 4d Tip #001: Cloners and Level of Detail

A tweet from a twitter friend having workflow problems while working in Cinema 4D prompted the need to share this little tidbit. Sorry, no fancy video cast, just plain old fashioned black type on white screen.

When you’re working with large complex scenes in c4d with multiple cloners and several other heavy objects, one must often switch the editor Level of Detail (LOD) from high to medium (or low).

This speeds up your workflow considerably in most cases as there are many less polys to calculate on screen. Unfortunately when switching LOD to a lower setting, your cloners are affected as well: the total number of clones are diminished and their placement altered.

If you prefer to keep your cloners unaffected by editor LOD settings, simply add a Display Tag to your cloner, and force the LOD to “High”.

If you want your cloners to ALWAYS default to high LOD, simply add a cloner to your scene, then add a display tag with LOD forced to High as described previously. THEN, with the cloner selected, go to your attributes manager, and in the EDIT menu there, scroll down to set as default.

Now whenever you add a cloner to your scene, it will have the display tag attached and it will be set to high LOD.

Make sure you apply this tip to Mograph Matrix Objects as well if you use these in your scenes.

4 thoughts on “Cinema 4d Tip #001: Cloners and Level of Detail

  • Yes new clones will default to high LOD from that point forward. You can easily add Display tags to all your cloners. If you’ve got dozens (or hundreds) could take some time. You could filter all your cloners via the Object Manager search field, then group those all into a single null (assuming that doesn’t mess up your hierarchies in any way) then apply a single display tag to that null parent. Otherwise you can set your display tag as desired and then copy that onto each Cloner (ctrl-drag on mac). So at least you dont have to open each display tag and reset each parameter.

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