Micro Crystals

Here’s an image that began as an experiment in Cinema 4D. It was included recently in an earlier post on my blog.

The result begins to resemble a macro shot of ice crystals, or some other crystalline formation. I really liked how the original image above turned out, which was created about a year or 2 ago, and always intended to explore what more could be done with it. I just recently re-discoverd the file, and finally had the chance to experiment with it some more; the result being this short animation clip.

The entire model is parametric, generated from a simple plane whose faces are randomly extruded via the MOGRAPH EXTRUDE object and altered with the RANDOM EFFECTOR, with visibility being the only parameter checked. The MOGRAPH DISPLACER DEFORMER was applied and then additional displacement was added in the shader. I also used the Transluscent Pro plugin shader for quick subsurface scatterring (transparency is actually inactive here). You can see the general workflow in the image below.
If time allows, I hope to do a more in-depth tutorial soon.

Click to enlarge

12 thoughts on “Micro Crystals

  • Thank you so much for the file and the tutorials.
    Your animations are beautiful and the images just awesome!

  • Hi Joel !
    Wow ! A very big thanks for sharing this file with us ! And so quickly responding ! I will see that right now ! So cool !

    Thx 😉

  • Hi guys.

    I will see if I can dig up the file and take a look as soon as i can. Thanks for your patience!

  • Hi and thanx for sharing your tips and process 😉
    Unfortunatelly, like Josh and Rocketpandam before me, i couldn’t find the rights settings for random effector in steps 3 and 5 😦
    Could you tell us a little bit more ?

    Thx for all 😉

  • Hi Joel, I also tried with the random effector and couldn’t get it working :/
    Could you post a more detailed image on how to do that?
    I tried with the shader effector, but it made my pc die 😀

    Keep up the great job and I hope to see more tutes from you!

  • Just out of curiosity, what were your settings on the random effector for the extrusion? I was playing around with this and couldn’t get it to work. Thanks!

  • Thanks

    I had a ditools license for years, but at some point…I forgot about it. 🙂
    I should contact Remo and get ahold of it again. Its true–its a great tool.

  • I really like this.
    Thank you for sharing your workflow here.

    FYI: If you have ditools- DiTessa has some cool parametric modeling capabilities that are vastly more powerful than mograph extrude.

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