My '09 Reel


QT H264 / 114 mb / 03:08

Most of the clips here were from projects done at 3/FX.
The first-person POV sequence with the falling nanobot tank, was worked on in conjunction with R. Scott Purcell at Betatron.

08/19: If the link above does not work, or you don’t have quicktime, you can check out a lower quality version on VIMEO. HERES THE LINK

2 thoughts on “My '09 Reel

  • GREAT REEL! Love what you have done! I currently work in Motion and have been looking at learning C4D. Mark Spencer tweeted your site and after looking at what all you have done, and he has said about C4D in the past, I really want to get into it.

    How steep is the learning curve for someone who has been working in Final Cut and Motion for most of their time?

    Where did you get the music?

  • First of all THANKS and sorry for the late response.

    From my experience, Cinema 4D has been the most “user friendly” 3d app I’ve ever used. I was producing work with it almost immediately once I started using it. That said, I would say if you are coming from Motion, there will indeed be a learning curve to get through as the two apps are different beasts. If you use the 3d cameras in Motion then theres a plus as you already should have some understanding z-space, but beyond that, there really aren’t too many other similarities.

    I would highly reccommend a training course or web subscription like Cineversity which provides access to hundreds of tutorials.

    I would also urge you to sign up for FXPHD (the July term has just begun). The program includes some great c4d classes including a beginners class that will take you sequentially through the basics and have you up and running over the 10-week period.

    Good luck!

    PS–the music is a piece called Mere du Japon by the French ambient group AIR.

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