Back to school…sort of

I have just recently enrolled in the July ’09 semester of fxphd, an online vfx/production/post training program that I’ve had my eye on for a year or two now. I’m STILL in the process of auditing several of the classes, which has made my decision of which classes to choose even more difficult as everything I am seeing is looking truly great. The courses and materials covered appear to be extremely well thought out and frankly, quite inspiring. Having the option to check out the first 2 classes of each course is a nice feature, you get a good feel for the course not to mention the overall program.

Although I was initially planning on taking some After Effects and C4d courses with the mindset that I wished to strengthen some of my skills and knowledge there, after reviewing some of the other classes, I am now leaning towards some compositing-geared courses, as well as the previz class.

But Tim’s classes still look great! Hmmm…decisions decisions…

No worries, if you desire to take more classes above and beyond the three electives you get when enrolling, you can for an additional fee.

Check out their 0-Week course overview video below, which was shot in Japan for some cool stuff and beautiful footage. And big robots too.

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