Escalator renders

Here is a straight render of the escalator I built for an animation which was shown in this earlier post.

I had it built textured and rigged over the course of a weekend. I used the Cinema 4d Mograph module to duplicate the steps, and the Mograph effectors to move them and flip them appropriately as well as to keep them level as they descend.

There are definitely some imprefections here and there, which unfortuntely will happen when you are under a deadline. The blueprint style however was forgiving to any rendering blemishes or minute details that weren’t 100% accurate, so we moved on to the next object once the client signed off.

Will post more shots soon!




One thought on “Escalator renders

  • Hi,

    Can you tell (or mail) wich effectors you used?, i’m trying to make a assembly line. So I made a spline and set a little plate in a cloner object and set it in object mode so it would wrap around the spline. Thats ok, if it was for a still, but i need to animate it, so it should be rolling, but i can’t get it.

    Thanks in advance

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