Cinema 4D Virtual Set Project: Part 2

In a recent post I gave an outline of some 3D tracking/compositing work I was doing for a tradeshow using Cinema 4D and After Effects. See Cinema 4D Virtual Set Project: Part 1 for more information.

Here are some clips from the finished show.
Below is the 3D tracked greensreen footage focusing on just the camera move that was used in the opening shot of the show. It was rendered here via the OGL preview option in c4d. I’ve thrown in some poly shapes that were built from the point cloud the tracking software generated just for spatial reference.

And below is the composited shot with cg set. Theres a few compositing issues I will eventually get around to adjusting (light on face and some keying issues for example), but as it usually is with these things, we did the best we could in the time frame we had.

Another shot below in which the actor needed to appear to have entered a large futuristic laboratory. The footage drops out for a few frames but you get the idea. I think CineCat did a great job analyzing these shots.

And the finished shot with cg elements. (compositing disclaimer, as mentioned above is in effect here too!)

The client wanted a sillhouetted “ipod commercial” treatment of the nameless laboratory research characters, with just a hint of light hitting the edges of their clothing.

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