Factory Floor with Marshall Brain (Part 1)

Recently R. Scott Purcell and I (via Betatron) got to develop and create the graphics for the TV series “Factory Floor with Marshall Brain” which aired on the National Geographics Channel.

There were 13 episodes, with about 8 animation calls per show. In the end we produced a little over 100 1080p animation segments within a 5 month period.

In keeping with the shows theme which was primarily engineering, we devised a style that looked like a moving blueprint. Below are a few. Hope to post more soon.

4 thoughts on “Factory Floor with Marshall Brain (Part 1)

  • Thanks for the breakdown + the blog. Good to see hq cinema work.

    I never thought of using Ambient Occlusion! Always worth the extra render time, it just helps things look good.

  • Thanks so much Jonah. I’ll see if I can post a how to.

    Basically we rendered 3 passes for each animation:

    1. A beauty render, usually with AO to get the nooks and crannys to show
    2. a sketch render (some were done with sketch and toon, some were done via falloff/fresnel to create dark edges like the hot dog one), and depending on the object, 3. an XRAY pass (via fresnel transparency) to allow a peek inside.

    These were all layered and masked appropriately in AE and then mixed with the blueprint texture.

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