The HAND RAIL is a Crucial Part of Escalator safety. (Another Factory Floor Animation clip)

Thought I’d post another animation created for Factory Floor.
Behold: The Escalator.

Next time you’re heading up to the food court, take a moment to appreciate the complex workings hidden a few inches beneath your feet.

Hold on to that handrail, and for goodness sake, make sure your shoelaces are tied.

Factory Floor with Marshall Brain (Part 1)

Recently R. Scott Purcell and I (via Betatron) got to develop and create the graphics for the TV series “Factory Floor with Marshall Brain” which aired on the National Geographics Channel.

There were 13 episodes, with about 8 animation calls per show. In the end we produced a little over 100 1080p animation segments within a 5 month period.

In keeping with the shows theme which was primarily engineering, we devised a style that looked like a moving blueprint. Below are a few. Hope to post more soon.