Ivy Grower grows more interesting…

Today during some down time, I got to test Robert “Kuruyome” Templeton’s great new additions to his Ivy Grower Plugin for C4d, which he adapted from Thomas Luft’s popular app “Ivy Generator”.

The plugin, along with some of Robert’s others can be found here:


Robert who is well known for his Interposer plugs for C4d, not only responded to my (and other’s) requests to add some sort of animateable ¬†vine growth ability (a feature many mograph and medical animators would find quite useful) but actually hit it out of the park with the addition of a spline generator with a keyframeable growth parameter, making ¬† growing organic random viney things quick and easy.

Heres a quick test (click on image):


Of course one could achieve a similar result using a Thinking Partcles setup in conjunction with the mograph Tracer object in order to generate splines from the particle trails (then sweep), but its always a plus to have options. And an option which consists of just a few clicks, odds are that will be the one you want on a tight deadline.